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Mandela8 is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Its initial vision is to see a permanent artwork that functions as a unique performance, conversation and contemplation space established at a Toxteth Liverpool 8 heritage site, to celebrate, commemorate and pursue the legacy of Nelson Mandela’s outstanding achievement for humanity.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

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The Mandela Field of Hope is looking wonderful. People looking at the flowers and walking round them to take pictures and telling me how they made them feel. Words like positive, inspirational, happy, uplifted, good. Big thanks @scouseflowers Richard Scott and Polly Moseley 🌾


For years I’ve endured rude remarks about Toxteth etc the joke is on all you snobs! What you all call our ghetto looks like Chelsea your supposed luxury! 🤫👇😊#Liverpool



Sadly due to illness, the fitness session this morning has had to be postponed.

Please let anyone you know who was planning to attend. We'll have a new date and time asap. Apologies for those who had made plans.

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