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We are less than a week away from achieving what was a dream 10 years ago.  Tuesday the 18th July is a day for celebration to realise that dream when we launch a memorial to Nelson Mandela.

This memorial has been achieved through years of hard work, determination and a lengthy consultation with the Mandela family, the local community, residents of Princes Park and civic leaders.

What was fundamental to us throughout this consultation was that the memorial signified the pride and respect the community have in Liverpool for Nelson Mandela and what he achieved in fighting for social justice.  The memorial signifies a place where people can come to learn, reflect and feel proud of what can be achieved when communities come together from different parts of the world.

We fully recognised that to achieve our goal of installing this memorial that everybody’s voice mattered and that is why we undertook extensive consultation throughout each stage of the development. 

In 2019 we launched the memorial, and we went through a formal planning process in which the impact on wildlife and animals was considered.  It is with great sadness that we have to notify people that objections have been raised at this very late stage by somebody concerned for the environment.  

We do not dispute that these issues are raised out of a genuine passion for wildlife.  However, we are extremely concerned that this issue may now be hijacked by far-right groups who will use this platform to bring disruption to this special day.  

Mandela8 would like to assure everybody, that the impact of the memorial on wildlife and the environment was fully considered throughout the consultation process. There are things we have put in place which have encouraged the wildlife in the area to thrive; but fundamentally Princes Park is an inner-city park in an area where many people do not have access to a garden or open space.

We ask that everybody who attends the event embraces this special day in recognition of Nelson Mandela who is an icon to us.  Please stand beside us and share our passion to educate people to love not hate.

Mandela8 Board of Directors

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